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Tuesday, 26 November 2019 19:35

CICERO conference in Cyprus, November 2019

In Cyprus, it was sunny and the temperature was +25°C. All in good moods.  
Attorneys At Law Tamberga & Partners organised CICERO conference and had colleagues from all arround the world in Latvia (May 16-19 2018). We are proud that the conference happened in time for Latvia's 100 years of independence celebrations and that we could acquaint our colleagues and friends to our country's and capital's…
  Tamberga & Partners attended CICERO meeting in New Dehli, India (November 2017). Anita Tambera and Eduards Arvids Kisis gave a presentation about Latvia for the next meeting in May 2018.
According to Paragraph One, Clause 2 of Section 314.1 of the Commercial Law activities of a company may be terminated on the basis of a decision of the Commercial Register Office, if the company, pursuant to the Paragraph Four of Section 12 of the Commercial Law, is not reachable at…
Lasma Simanska and Viviana Purina from 11th to 13th of May, 2017, attended Cicero League of International Lawyers Conference in Zagreb organized by Law Firm Matić, Šooš Maceljski, Mandić, Stanić & Partners Ltd.  Cicero 2017 Biannual Meeting was followed by lecture “Non-verbal Communication”.
From 1 January 2017, natural persons who do not perform economic activities are not allowed to carry out cash transactions exceeding the amount of 7200,00 EUR (regardless of whether the transaction takes place in a single operation or in several operations).
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